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Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives listed here are part of the Public Health Division's strategic plan and were updated in 2014. Our strategic plan is a living document that supports staff as we collaborate on common goals that maintain past accomplishments and drive our vision for a healthy Oregon.

Our Goals 

Improve quality of life and increase years of healthy life

  • Prevent and reduce tobacco use
  • Improve nutrition, increase physical activity and reduce obesity
  • Reduce violence and suicide rates through prevention efforts
  • Prevent and reduce rates of communicable diseases
  • Support Addictions and Mental Health Services (AMH) with public health tools to prevent and reduce alcohol and substance abuse
  • Promote healthy aging

Promote and protect safe, healthy and resilient environments

  • Increase community preparedness and resilience
  • Prevent and reduce exposure to harmful environmental hazards and contaminants
  • Provide public health leadership on human health concerns related to the natural and built environment

Strengthen public health capacity to improve health outcomes

  • Promote healthy equity in all programs and policies
  • Link public health and health care system to collaboratively achieve improved health outcomes
  • Develop and maintain strategic public and private partnerships that improve community health
  • Develop and maintain an organizational culture of continuous quality improvement
  • Invest in up-to-date systems and expertise for public health assessment, monitoring and evaluation
  • Promote and develop a competent, skilled and satisfied workforce