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Oregon Public Health Division Jobs
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A career with the Public Health Division gives you the opportunity to improve the lifelong health of your fellow citizens. Please consider joining us in our effort to make Oregon one of the healthiest states.

Job Openings in the OHA Public Health Division

Updated 2/10/2016 - from the State of Oregon Jobs Page. Click on a job title below to learn more and apply online.

Job Number Job Title Location Salary Posted Closing
​OHA15-0556 Operations and Policy Analyst 3 - PSET Risk Communications Analyst ​Portland ​$5,091.00 - $7,155.00 mon ​02/02/16 ​02/16/16
​OHA16-0079 Operations and Policy Analyst 3 - Center Program Support Manager ​Portland ​$4,637.00 - $6,790.00 mon ​01/27/16 ​02/10/16
OHA15-0303A​ Health Facilities Consultant -
Plans Examiner
Portland​ ​$56,904.00 -
$79,956.00 yr
​11/19/15 ​Continuous
OHA15-0326 Portland​ $49,932.00 -
$72,960.00 yr
​11/17/15 ​Continuous
OHA15-0320 Hillsboro​ $3,974.00 -
$5,802.00 mon
09/18/15​ ​Continuous


Public Health Division Internships

The Oregon Public Health Division periodically offers volunteer internships in public health, education, policy, communications, and related areas. Learn more.​​​​