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Oregon Public Health Division Jobs
business people
A career in public health gives you the opportunity to improve the lifelong health of your fellow citizens. Please consider joining us in our effort to make Oregon one of the healthiest states. 
Job Openings in the OHA Public Health Division

From the State of Oregon Jobs Page  -  Updated 9/19/2014

Job Posting
Job Title​ Location​ Salary​ ​Opening
OHA14-0183A​ Patient Safety and Client Care Surveyor Portland​ $4,079.00 - $5,961.00 Monthly​ 08/15/14​ Continuous​
OHA14-0537​ Public Health Nurse 2
(Public Health Technical Assistant to County Health Departments)
Portland​ $4,697.00 - $6,885.00 Monthly​ ​08/15/14 ​Continuous
OHA14-0534​ Principal Executive/Manager G
(Oregon State Public Health Lab Director)
Hillsboro​ $6,861.00 - $10,104.00 Monthly ​ 08/19/14​ Continuous​
OHA14-0674 NEW! Office Specialist 2
(Data Systems Support)
Portland​ $2,360.00 - $3,290.00 Monthly​ 09/18/14​ 09/28/14​


Public Health Division Internships

The Oregon Public Health Division periodically offers volunteer internships in public health, education, policy, communications, and related areas.

If you are interested in volunteering or an internship at the Public Health Division, please e-mail with a copy of your resume and letter of interest. Please specify the timeframe you are available. We will contact prospective volunteers or interns as opportunities become available.