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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions regarding OVERS use for:

Also, please see our OVERS IT FAQ for questions regarding the hardware and software involved.

How do I override a yellow edit rule in a record?
Please see this PDFexample of overriding an edit rule (added 06/10/2014)

How do I report an infant's place of birth if they were born en route to the hospital, or under other unusual circumstances?
Walkthrough of PDFupdating the Place of Birth page within OVERS (added 12/09/2013)

Why are fingerprints used to sign records in the Oregon Vital Events Registration System (OVERS)?
Here is an overview of the PDFreasons why fingerprints are used as signatures, as well as their security (added 04/11/2014)

How are my fingerprints secured within OVERS?
Description of PDFbiometric hashing process and its security features (added 12/09/2013)

In EDRS, how do I find the exact name of a licensed facility for the Place of Death page?
This resource provides PDFup-to-date lists of licensed facilities in Oregon, which you can then search for within OVERS (added 04/2013)

When using OVERS, how do I enter special characters from other languages?
Instructions for PDFusing special characters in names (added 12/2008)

How do I submit an Amendment to a record using OVERS?
How to PDFmake an electronic amendment (updated 03/2013)

How do I send a Death Certificate to a Medical Certifier to complete in OVERS?
Instructions on PDFrequesting medical certification electronically (updated 04/2013)

How do I send a Death Certificate to a Medical Examiner to complete in OVERS?
Instructions to PDFrefer to a medical examiner (updated 04/2013)

OVERS is behaving unexpectedly. What can I do?
Try deleting your PDFinternet explorer cache (added 01/2013)

How do I add a Birth Attendant to OVERS?
Complete this form to PDFadd a birth attendant (added 10/2011)

Is there an easy way to access the OVERS website?
Create a PDFshortcut on your computer's desktop (added 01/2013)


Call the OVERS Help Desk at 971-673-0279 for further assistance.