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How to Register: Birth Records

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House Bill 2380: Intended Place of Birth and Attendant

Signed by Governor Kitzhaber on June 2, 2011, House Bill 2380 states that for all birth and fetal death certificates, every mother who delivered in a hospital must be asked if she planned to deliver at a private home or a freestanding birthing center at the time she went into labor. If the answer is yes, the title of the planned attendant is also collected.

The OVERS birth registration system is updating effective January 1, 2012, to collect this information. We have updated our birth instructions for registration, as well as our parent and facility worksheets (see links below for options).

Paper birth records are not being updated, since they are used only for out of facility births, and the information is not required for births occurring outside of a hospital or medical facility.

A short training video is available on House Bill 2380 and how to answer the questions in EBRS. Flash and Internet Explorer 6 or higher are required to view it.

Please contact JoAnn Jackson, Registration manager, at 971-673-1160 if you have any questions. If you need information about using OVERS, please contact our OVERS help desk at 971-673-0279.

Consolidated Error Reporting

In October of 2012, the Center for Health Statistics developed a new process to notify hospital and birth center staff when they need to review and correct or update birth records.

Below are documents that explain the process, why the error reports are sent, and how to read the reports. In addition, we have included responses to frequently asked questions.

Instructions and Worksheets

BIRTH RECORD UPDATE: The OVERS birth registration system has recently changed to remove certain items that are longer required to report. As of October 1, 2014, the worksheets below have been updated to reflect the change. Check out the slides from PDFour recent webinar on the subject, or call the OVERS Help Desk if you have any questions.

Instructions for Completing Electronic and Paper Birth Certificates


Information Worksheets

Additional Instructions and Forms


Information on Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity