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How to Register: Birth Records

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Instructions and Worksheets

BIRTH RECORD UPDATE: The OVERS birth registration system has recently changed to remove certain items that are longer required to report. As of October 1, 2014, the worksheets below have been updated to reflect the change. Check out the slides from PDFour recent webinar on the subject, or call the OVERS Help Desk if you have any questions.

Instructions for Completing Electronic and Paper Birth Certificates

Information Worksheets

All facilities are required to use the versions below or one approved by CHS beginning January 1, 2015.

If you would like to create a custom version of a worksheet for your facility, it must be approved by the Center for Health Statistics. Our PDFNovember 2014 Birth Newsletter outlines the requirements in the article titled "New Procedure: New & Custom Birth Worksheets". Contact Registration manager JoAnn Jackson for assistance.

Additional Instructions and Forms


Information on Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity

New Social Security Number Request Process

As of January 1, 2015, there is a new procedure for completion and storage of forms authorizing a Social Security number for a child at birth, also known as Enumeration at Birth (EAB).

Hospital facility staff or birth attendants should:

Step​ ​Additional Information

1. Use state birth worksheets exclusively unless permission to use custom has been given.

Discontinue using any tailored versions of the birth worksheets created by your facility that have not been approved by the State Registrar.

2. Ensure the portion of the birth worksheet titled ‘Authorization to Establish Social Security Number at Birth’ is completed for every live birth.

Always have the mother complete and sign the form whether or not they request a Social Security number.

3. On birth record, indicate “yes” or “no” for question asking if a Social Security number is requested, whether using OVERS or paper form.

In OVERS the question appears on the Child page. On the paper Certificate of Live Birth the question appears as item 14.​

4. Fax forms titled ‘Authorization to Establish Social Security Number at Birth’ at least once a week to the Center for Health Statistics at 971-679-3122.

Forms can be faxed singly or in a batch as long as they are sent within the same week as completed.

The Center for Health Statistics will receive your faxed forms as electronic documents on a secure server and will store the faxed forms indefinitely.  

Do not use this fax number for any other purpose. Staff are unlikely to review documents and respond in a timely manner.

5. Hold the original forms no less than one year and shred them no more than two years from the date of birth.​

You may store the original ‘Authorization to Establish Social Security Number at Birth’ at your facility with the birth worksheets. Do not keep with the medical record.

6. Direct inquiries by parents regarding the social security form to the Center for Health Statistics Registration unit.

Contact Cynthia Roeser at 971-673-0478 or​

7. Provide parents with SSA receipt if requested, form SSA-2853 OP2 (English) or SSA-2853 OP2 SP (Spanish).

The Social Security Administration provides PDFmore information on SSA receipts for families requesting an SSN for their child. ​

This form serves as a receipt for the SSN application. The Social Security Administration can supply sufficient quantities of this form upon faxed request for distribution to all parents who indicate “yes” to the SSN question on the birth registration form for their newborn.

You may use RTFthis template to place an order for receipts from the SSA. (File is .rtf format and may be opened in any text editor.) Fax order requests to 410-965-2037.


Consolidated Error Reporting

In October of 2012, the Center for Health Statistics developed a new process to notify hospital and birth center staff when they need to review and correct or update birth records.

Below are documents that explain the process, why the error reports are sent, and how to read the reports. In addition, we have included responses to frequently asked questions.