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Teen Pregnancy Data

Oregon teen pregnancy data includes births and induced abortions to teens.

Pregnancy estimates are based upon the estimated number of teen births and induced terminations among Oregon teens; they do not include the number of fetal deaths or miscarriages (spontaneous abortions) which occur. The estimation of teen births is considered to be relatively complete and includes births to resident teens even when they occur out-of-state. The estimation of teen abortions is based on all reported abortions to teenage residents of Oregon; however, because states often do not report abortions obtained within their borders to the state of residence as occurs with vital events such as birth and death, an unknown number of Oregon teens obtain abortion services out-of-state. As a consequence, estimates of teen abortions and teen pregnancies should be considered minimal in nature.

Teen Pregnancy by County of Residence

Induced Abortions to Teens by County of Residence

Births to Teens by County of Residence

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For more information see DHS's Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative page or the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, a private and independent initiative organized in 1996 to stimulate and support actions nationwide to reduce adolescent pregnancy.