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VistaPHw in Oregon: Health Data Analysis
Software for Public Health Assessment in Oregon
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What is VistaPHw?

Who has access to VistaPHw?

Who do I contact for more information?

What training is available for VistaPHw users in Oregon?

Where can I find data documentation?

Where can I get more details?

What is VistaPHw?

VistaPHw is a software package that allows the public health community in Oregon to access and analyze population-based health data on the county or state level.

The program calculates rates of disease or other health events for specific age, gender and race groups with appropriate statistical measures: confidence intervals, case counts, and time trends. Analysis results can be displayed in an MS Excel spreadsheet table or as a thematic map.

Oregon data sets currently available for analysis through VistaPHw include birth, death, infant mortality, abortion/pregnancy, communicable disease, decennial census and population estimates. New data sets will be added as they become available.

VistaPHw is a powerful tool for supporting grant proposals, analyzing trends in key public health issues, writing reports, and generating data for program planning and policy development.

PDF file. VistaPHw Overview (updated 12/15/05)

Who has access to VistaPHw?

Any county and state public health department staff can access VistaPHw for free.

Who do I contact for more information?

Contact the Oregon VistaPHw Coordinator:

Juanita Heimann
Oregon Dept. of Human Services
Health Systems Planning
971-673-1267 phone
971-673-1299 fax

Training for VistaPHw users in Oregon

  • To open and run PowerPoint trainings in Internet Explorer, left-click the link.

    Tip: To end the presentation at any time, hit the 'Esc' button (twice for presentations with sound narration).
  • To save the files, right-click the link and select, "Save Target As..."
  • Basic Functions of VistaPHw (pps, 9MB)
    updated 4/20/07

    Note: If you already have VistaPHw installed on your computer, open it to the logon screen before beginning this training by double-clicking the blue sailboat icon associated with the program.

    Note: If the PowerPoint files load slowly or not at all, save the files and run the training on your computer. 

Data Documentation

  • To view text (.rtf) files in your browser, left-click the link.
  • To view Excel files with Internet Explorer, left-click the link.
  • To save the files, right-click the link and select, "Save Target As..."
  • Excel files can be opened with Excel or the free Excel Viewer.

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