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Get Information: Make Changes to a Birth or Death Certificate

The amendment process varies depending on the type of legal change needed, and how recently the record was filed.  Therefore the first step in making a legal change to a Vital Record is to contact the Center for Health Statistics to get detailed instructions in regards to the legal change needed.

To get detailed instructions for correcting or changing a birth or death record:

Photocopy the record and note the changes that are needed on the record copy.
If there is an error, explain the nature of the error (typographical error, omission of data, etc.)

Prepare a cover note with your name, address, phone number and e-mail address if available.

Fax the copy of the record and the cover note to 971-673-1201 to the attention of one of the persons listed below, or mail the request to Oregon Vital Records, PO Box 14050, Portland, OR 97293. 

You can also email or call one of the persons listed below to get more information.

If you call about an amendment please leave just one complete message and include:

1. The name of the person as it is listed on the record.

2. The date of the event.

3. An exact description of the item that is in error and how it needs to be changed or corrected.

4. Whether a request and/or fee has already been submitted to make the change to the record.

Fees for amendments

Fees for amendments vary.  In most cases where a hospital, birthing center or funeral home requests a correction within a year of the birth or death, the $30 amendment fee is waived. After one year, in most cases there is a $30 amendment fee. 

If a family member requests a correction to a record, directly usually a $30 amendment fee is charged.  See policy below about returning certificates for free replacements.  If additional birth or death certificates are needed after a correction, add $20 for the first certificate and $15 for each additional certificate of the same record ordered at the same time.

If you are returning four or more certificates issued within the last year for replacement, there is a flat fee of $20 for all the replacement certificates.

Replacement certificates

After corrections to records, you may return three or fewer original certified records for free replacements if they were issued within the last year. When returning certificates for replacement, circle the item changed or corrected and indicate the correct information above or in the margin.  Also list your day time telephone number and return mailing address. Mail to: Oregon Vital Records, PO Box 14050, Portland OR 97293.

Replacements may also be obtained at local county vital records offices within six months from the date of the birth or death. 

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