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FAQs: Changing a Vital Record


The amendment process varies depending on the type of legal change needed, and how recently the record was filed.

To get instructions for correcting or changing a birth or death record:

Photocopy the record and note the changes that are needed on the record copy.
If there is an error, explain the nature of the error (typographical error, omission of data, etc.)

Prepare a cover note with your name, address, phone number and e-mail address if available.

Fax the copy of the record and the cover note to 971-673-1201 to the attention of one of the persons listed below, or mail the request to Oregon Vital Records, PO Box 14050, Portland, OR 97293.

If you call about an amendment and leave a message, please include with your message:

1. The name of the person as it is listed on the record.

2. The date of the event.

3. An exact description of the item that is in error and how it needs to be changed or corrected.

4. Whether a request and/or fee has already been submitted to make the change to the record.

Contact information by type of birth or death record correction needed:


Corrections to a birth record if the event occurred within the last year:
Amanda Vega 971-673-1169
Corrections to a birth record if the event occurred more than one year ago:
Johanna Collins 971-673-1137
To file a delayed birth record:
Becki Buskirk 971-673-1147 



(For additional information, please see our Paternity FAQs.)

To add the father's name to a birth record by an affidavit of voluntary acknowledgment:
Debora Gott 971-673-1155
To add the father's name to a birth record by a court finding of paternity:
Tony Bojanowski 971-673-1143



(Please see below for information on receiving a new certificate after a court adoption.)

To process adoption orders for children born in the United States:
Debbie Draghia 971-673-1152
To process adoption orders for children born in foreign countries and adopted in Oregon:
Tony Bojanowski 971-673-1143



Corrections to a death record:
Patricia Thompson 971-673-1163






To correct a marriage record:

Contact the county clerk's office in the county where the marriage license was issued.

To correct a divorce certificate:

Contact the circuit court in the county where the divorce decree was approved.



Oregon Vital Records will not automatically change your birth certificate if a court issues an order of name change. Under Oregon law, it is optional whether a birth certificate filed in Oregon is amended by the court order. To prove your name change without changing the birth record, you will need to show both an original certified copy of the birth record and a certified copy of the court order.

If your name has been changed by court order, you may obtain a certified copy of the order directly from the court that approved it. Fees vary; please check directly with the court.

Oregon Vital Records will change the name of a child or a parent listed on a birth record if the following documents and fees are submitted by mail or in person:

  1. CERTIFIED COPY OF THE COURT ORDER showing the original seal and signature of the court clerk. (Our office will keep this document in a sealed file.)
  2. SIGNED STATEMENT from the person named on the record or the parent requesting the change. If the birth record is for a child under the age of 18, a parent named on the birth record, the legal guardian, or the parent who has sole legal custody of the child may sign the request to change the birth certificate. Please use the Request to Change Birth Certificate Based on Court Order of Name Change.

    An alternate form is required if you are changing a child's birth certificate based on a court order of name change for a parent. Please see the Request to Change a Child's Birth Certificate Based on Court Order of Name Change for Parent of Child.
  3. $50 FEE. The fee includes $20 for a new certified record and $30 to update the record. If you received an original certified copy of the birth record issued within the last year, you may return it with the court order for a free replacement copy. In this case, send only $30. (The issue date is printed or stamped on the record.)

  4. ORDER FORM. The birth record order form provides a mailing address and information on how to pay the fee.

For information about how to file for a court ordered name change:

In Oregon: The Oregon Bar Association provides information on name changes.
Other States: Request information from the county or state circuit court in your locality.

How the birth record will be changed:
To prevent fraud, changes to names on birth records are documented. The original birth certificate filed by the hospital will have the name lined out and the new name typed in above with a footnote referencing the court order and the date of the change for births prior to 2008. The short form birth certificate from computer data for births prior to 2008 will have a footnote stating which name has been amended and the date of the change, but will not show the previous name. For births occuring in 2008 and after, the birth certificate will show the new name and the footnote referencing the court order will include the prior name. If you have a sealed name change order, or a court order specifying a new birth certificate, please call for additional information.

Some agencies may require you to submit a certified birth certificate documenting the details of the name change. To obtain this version of your birth record, please request a "long form" copy when you order your record. Some agencies may also require you to provide a certified copy of the court order of name change.



When a U.S. court approves an adoption for a child born in Oregon, the Oregon Vital Records office prepares a new birth record, and the original birth record and adoption documents are placed in a sealed file. Vital Records sealed files can only be opened through a court order from an Oregon Court, even when the birth parents are known to the adoptee or the adoptive parents. Under Oregon law, when adoptees reach the age of 21, they may order their pre-adoption birth record. Visit our pre-adoption order FAQs page for more information about ordering these records.

To create a new birth record and issue a certificate after a court has approved and filed the adoption decree, we need the following:

  1. An original certified copy of an Adoption Report form showing the original seal and signature of the court official certifying the document. If an Adoption Report is not available, we must have an original certified copy of the Adoption Decree and an adoption fact sheet. The fact sheet provides information about the adoptive parents for the new birth record that may be missing in the adoption decree.

  2. A $50 fee. This fee includes an amendment fee of $30 and a $20 fee for a certified copy of the new birth record.

  3. A completed birth record order form. The order form should list the child's new adoptive name and adoptive parents' names. The Vital Records mailing address and payee information are available on this form.

Adoptions of Children from Countries Outside the United States:

The requirements for filing a Certificate of Foreign Birth are the same as for other adoptions. Oregon law provides for the issuance of a Certificate of Foreign Birth if a child born outside the United States to parents who are not U.S. citizens is adopted through an Oregon Court. A child born in Canada to parents who are not U.S. citizens will have a new birth certificate created by the Province where the birth occurred.  If a Certificate of Foreign Birth has already been filed in another state, and the child is re-adopted by a second set of adoptive parents, the documents should be forwarded to the state where the first Certificate of Foreign Birth record was filed.

If a child is born abroad to at least one parent who is a U.S. citizen, the birth certificate is usually registered through the U.S. Department of State at the time of birth. If a person born abroad is not registered through the U.S. Department of State before the age of 18, proof of citizenship must be obtained from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security/Immigration and Naturalization office.

Follow Up On Requests for Adoption Processing:

For children born in Oregon, including children born to gestational carriers:
Debbie Draghia 971-673-1152
For children born outside the United States and Canada:
Tony Bojanowski 971-673-1143


When you call or email, please provide:

  1. The name of the child before and after adoption, date of birth and place of birth;
  2. The approximate date the court approved the adoption, and/or the date you submitted the documents and fees to our office; and
  3. Whether you received any correspondence from our office or submitted any additional fees or documents in separate mailings.

For Adoption Agency Staff and Attorneys: 

When preparing an Adoption Report for submittal to a court in Oregon, seeForm 45-24.

Oregon Adoption Fact Sheet: Please call or email Debbie Draghia at the contact information listed above and provide your email address, fax number or mailing address to receive a copy of this form.