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News, techniques, and tips for our partners who file birth records in Oregon. If you would like to sign up to receive this newsletter electronically, email Krystalyn Salyer.

PDF​May 2017

​Featured Stories

Birth information specialists: New title and workgroup

AOP forms are for biological parents

Including a second, same-sex parent to a birth record

Important update about affirming and certifying a fetal death

Why hepatitis B information is important

Birth information specialist challenge

New birth worksheets timeline

Out with the old, in with the new: Shred your old order forms

Updates to hearing screening page

Cynthia Roeser is retiring

After 39 years with the state of Oregon, Carol Sanders is retiring 

PDF​February 2017

​Featured Stories

Oregon paternity establishment percentage results

New national study on causes of fetal death

New Amendment Guide

Trial of labor

How to open secure emails from state agencies

The Training Corner - Canadian province

New e-Learning tool for Birth Information Specialists

Birth Clerks to Birth Information Specialists

Wanted - newsletter topics

Frequent Contacts

PDF​November 2016

​Featured Stories

Adoption expected question

The training corner

Fetal death disposition permits

New statistics on pre-pregnancy BMI

The Oregon Birth Certificate Brochure - Coming Soon

December deadline for feedback on updated worksheets

We want your suggestions

Frequent contacts

PDF​July 2016
 (Updated 01/2017)

​Featured Stories

The training corner - How do babies get Social Security Numbers?

What you need to know about fetal death reports

Reporting trial of labor

Principal source of payment survey - What we learned

We want your suggestions

Frequent contacts

PDFJune 2016

Featured Stories

The training corner - When a baby is not named at birth

Accurate birth attendant titles needed

Time of delivery

Natality quality reports

Results of payment source survey

How to find recent newsletters

PDFMarch 2016

Featured Stories

Use of State parent and facility worksheets is required

Birth clerk survey - We need your help!

Update birth attendant list

Births to surrogate mothers

Parent/parent certified copies for married couples

Do not share your OVERS user name or password

Joyce Grant-Worley—All About Her

PDFNovember 2015

Featured Stories

Did you know your work collecting birth data is published and used locally and nationally?

Multiple Corrections? One Amendment!

What to do when the mother is married and does not want to list the father on the birth certificate

New hours: Vital Records Counter

Who is responsible for reporting the birth?

Are you getting your birth certificates in on time?

New vital record fees mean new forms

PDFJuly 2015

Featured Stories

REMINDER: faxing authorization to request social security number

Informant’s relationship to child

Vital records fee increase

Automation to increase timeliness of high risk infant follow-up

Sample high risk infant follow-up letter

Introducing the new request for paper birth certificates

Sample request for paper birth certificates form​

PDFApril 2015​

Featured Stories

Birth record submission timeliness: achieving five-day requirement

Obtaining correct names for records

New video for paternity rights & responsibilities AOP

New - standard birth worksheets available online

Enumeration at Birth - frequently asked questions about requesting social security numbers

Fetal death reporting reminder

Health Statistics loses valued staff member​

PDFJanuary 2015

Featured Stories

New year, new worksheets

New social security number request procedure

Enumeration at birth procedure

Correction: Paternity rights & responsibilities - update

Oregon exceeds paternity establishment percentage required

How Oregon ranks in low-risk cesarean deliveries

Establishing paternity for out-of facility births

Coming soon - updated paper certificate of live birth

November 2014

Featured Stories

Birth and fetal death certificates: now with fewer items!

Only cigarettes count now

Timely registration: Life happens, and it can’t wait

Confidentiality of passwords

Vital records work - meet the team

What classifies as a “home birth?”

New procedure: new & custom birth worksheets

Important new procedure: social security enumeration at birth requests​

PDFJuly 2014


ERRATA: Paternity rights article is no longer accurate. The YouTube video links provided are out of date. Please see our Paternity page for current recommended practices.​

Featured Stories

Fetal death disposition permits

Attendant reporting for C-section births

Efficient electronic amendments

Helpful information for phone messages or emails

Vital records order forms

“Parent/Parent” birth certificates available to recognize same-sex marriages

Paternity rights and responsibilities - update
(See note at left for article update)

Paternity establishment percentage update

HB 2997 mandatory midwife licensing and birth records 

PDFApril 2014

Featured Stories

Changes to vital records law and rules

Place of birth and attendant when baby is born at home

USA needs to be spelled out in address fields

Tidbits of statistics

Just for midwives 

PDFJanuary 2014

Featured Stories

Legal recognition—same-sex marriages

Updating place of birth

OVERS assistance now available for hospital birth certifiers

Hospital performance reports update

Fetal death case study

Contact information

Just for midwives​

PDFOctober 2013

Featured Stories

Hospital birth record performance reports

Vital Records Modernization bill

Cigarette smoking reported per day

Tips on using OVERS for fetal death reporting

Now available: OVERS training for fetal death reporting

Online resource roundup


Just for midwives

PDFJuly 2013

Featured Stories

New vital records law starts January 1, 2014

HB 2093: Attending out of facility births of close relatives

Reporting same-sex parents on the birth certificate

Don’t share working copies of the birth certificate

“Unknown” responses too frequent

Reporting breastfeeding at discharge

Fetal death reporting: Estimated time of fetal death

It’s okay not to share: OVERS user accounts

New laws for out of facility births

Contact numbers

PDFMay 2013

Featured Stories

Responding to birth record errors

Trial of labor in OVERS

Changes in birth certificates requested by parents

Parents’ place of birth—Canada

Fetal death transit permits demystified

Timeliness of records

Certifier must be the attendant for births not in a facility

Trial of labor chart

Contact numbers

PDFJanuary 2013

Featured Stories

New ways to order birth certificates

Statistical corrections

Staffing changes

House Bill 2380: Mother’s intended place of delivery

Oregon paternity establishment percentage

More staff for the OVERS help desk phone line

Helpful information for phone messages

PDFOctober 2012

Featured Stories

OVERS new look & feel

Common OVERS error messages

What makes a good comment?

Reporting unknowns

Updating staff members

Error report consolidation update

Common errors on marital status

New business reply envelopes

Improving data quality: mother’s worksheet

Just for midwives insert

PDFJuly 2012

Featured Stories

Physician is attendant at Cesarean section deliveries

Why parents cannot have a copy of the birth worksheets

Correcting errors on birth records

Reporting fetal deaths that occur at home

Babies’ names on their Social Security Card

More questions about domestic partners

New communication process: From faxes to e-mails

Improving data quality: Pregnancy history

Just for Midwives insert

PDFApril 2012

Featured Stories

Confidentiality of information on the worksheet

Improving data quality: prenatal care

When a baby is not named at birth

Surrogate mothers

Birth certificates for babies of same sex parents

Reporting accurate titles for birth attendants

Update on new birth questions

Adding special characters

PDFJanuary 2012

Featured Stories

Physician is attendant at Cesarean section deliveries

Is bigger better?

House Bill 2380: Mother’s intended place of delivery

OVERS Help Desk

Place of birth

Timeliness update article

Staff turnover? Let us know

PDFOctober 2011

Featured Stories

New voluntary acknowledgment of paternity forms

New law gathers additional information

Accurate titles for birth attendants needed

Apgar scores

Birth worksheets should not be shared

Birth, an economic decision?

Timeliness of filing birth records & AOPs

PDFJuly 2011

Featured Stories

Redesigned Center for Health Statistics Website

Completing Tobacco Fields in Birth & Fetal Death Records

Request for Information on Mother's Height and Weight

Duty to Report

Delivery Payment Source

Paternity Forms & Birth Certificate Order Forms are Changing

Contact Information

PDFApril 2011

Featured Stories

 Reporting date of last menses

 Mother's & father's birthplace

 Cesarean delivery & Trial of labor

 Fetal death worksheets

 High risk infant follow up

 New Spanish Voluntary Acknowledgement Form

 One of our most talked about articles

 Mother's marital status & paternity signed

 Staff turnover? Let us know

PDFJanuary 2011

Featured Stories

Oregon Health Authority has arrived

Paternity Establishment Percentage Met

Refer parents to the State to initiate amendments

Does your birth worksheet ask about Registered Domestic Partnership

Midwife Reminders

A reminder, Notify us of staff changes

OVERS Technical tip - adding special characters to names

Do not delay signing a birth record

Filing fetal death records in OVERS

PDFFall 2010

Featured Stories

Paternity establishment

Birth statistics - How are they collected and what are they used for?

Registering as a midwife

Initialing corrections to dates on Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity forms

Accurately Reporting "Unknown Values"

Paternity establishment met

New Spanish Acknowledgment of Paternity form

Adoption expected

Adoption expected and Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity

Adoption expected and Social Security number requested

Staff turnover...let us know

PDFSummer 2010

Featured Stories

Paternity establishment

Number of births to unmarried mothers by
birth facility for 2010 table

No father present

When is a court order necessary to establish paternity?

Mother's marital status and paternity signed

Mother's phone number

Nombre vs. apellido - Spanish names

Date of last menses

Is infant breastfed at discharge?

Oregon Registered Domestic Partnerships and birth

Staff turnover...let us know

PDFSpring 2010

Featured Stories

Paternity report

Do you know parents who want free paternity establishment services?

Commemorative certificate of stillbirth now $20

Documentation is key when submitting amendment requests

Mother's phone number added to EBRS birth certificates

Fetal death - A sensitive issue

Who can you contact?

PDFFall 2008

Featured Stories

Establishing paternity: What you can do to help

Let CHS pay the postage

"Junior"...It's not just for boys anymore

Social Security numbers and baby names

News flash

Have you filed a contact information form yet?

OVERS changes ahead

It's the law

Q&A: Marriage and gender issues

The importance of reporting Hepatitis B information

It's the law

Street number fields in EBRS

Fast facts

PDFSummer 2007

Featured Stories

How important are paternities?

How are our facilities doing?

Reviewing the paternity forms

What we have done to help

What else can we do?


Frequent Questions

PDFFall 2006

Featured Stories

Paternity establishments met

Fetal deaths and infant deaths

Pregnancy records and reports tree

Forms orders

Hepatitis B

New Field Liaison

Electronic Birth Registration System

PDFSummer 2005

Featured Stories

Home births

Submitting birth records

Ami's Corner

Do you need updated forms?

Paternity and questionnaire

Featured section of the birth record

Helpful Hints

PDFWinter 2005

Featured Stories


How are our facilities doing?

Paternity acknowledgements

Paternity affidavits

What are we going to do to help?

Frequent questions

Reviewing the paternity forms


New staff

Paternity questionnaire

PDFFall 2004 

Featured Stories

Birth certificate name changes

Corrections to sex of child


Hispanic ethnicity and race

Update on birth worksheet

Non-facility birth attendants

Fetal deaths

Are you using the most updated forms?

PDFDecember 2003

Featured Stories

Fee increase December 1, 2003

EBC revision mailed


No Dad on birth certificates

HIPAA Privacy/Public Health

Birth worksheet

Frequent issues on birth certificates