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How to Register: Birth Records

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How to gain access to OVERS

You must establish an OVERS account to report vital events electronically. Depending on your role, there are different forms to complete. Visit our Accessing OVERS page to find out which enrollment form you should complete. Please note, we have a new form specifically for Traditional and Licensed Midwives (Updated 01/2017).

New! Paper Birth Report Order Form

A new order form is available for birth attendants to request blank paper birth reports (OHA Form 45-1) and other forms from the Center for Health Statistics. The use of this form is limited to medical providers and licensed or registered traditional midwives attending births outside of a hospital in Oregon.

PDFRequest for Paper Birth Certificates order form (Updated 04/2016)

Instructions and Worksheets

Instructions for Completing Electronic and Paper Reports of Birth

Information Worksheets

All facilities are required to use the versions below or one approved by the Center for Health Statistics. If you would like to create a custom version of a worksheet for your facility, our PDFNovember 2014 Birth Newsletter outlines the requirements in the article titled "New Procedure: New & Custom Birth Worksheets". Contact Registration manager JoAnn Jackson for assistance.

Additional Instructions and Forms


Information on Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity


Information on Home Births

New Social Security Number Request Process

Please visit our new Social Security Enumeration at Birth webpage for instructions and frequently asked questions about requesting a social security number for an infant at birth. 

Consolidated Error Reporting

In October of 2012, the Center for Health Statistics developed a new process to notify hospital and birth center staff when they need to review and correct or update birth records.

Below are documents that explain the process, why the error reports are sent, and how to read the reports. In addition, we have included responses to frequently asked questions.

Birth Information Specialists Webinars

In February 2017, the Center for Health Statistics began webinar conference calls for Birth Information Specialists and their managers. These webinar calls are intended as a way for our office to share information, provide updates, and serve as an opportunity for discussions as it relates to birth and fetal death reporting

Below you will find recordings, slides, and notes from our most recent webinar presentations:

Date: February 2017
Topic: Monthly Birth Report

Date: April 2017
Topic: Error Report