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County Training

The partnership between the county vital records’ offices and the Center for Health Statistics is essential to a statewide vital records system. Provided here are a number of resources to assist you.

On this page:

Webinar Schedule

Our next county webinar is tentatively scheduled for September 2014. More details coming soon.

Past Webinars

Below are the slides and notes from our most recent webinar presentation. We also provide an archive of previous webinars.

PDFJune 23rd and 25th, 2014
Topic: County Vital Records Registration Overview

  • Registration at the State
  • Registration at the County
  • Triennial Reviews
  • Hot Topics - Veterans' Copies

Questions & Answers

The following is a summary of questions asked at our recent county webinar, along with answers compiled by our staff. The links will take you to our new Frequently Asked Questions page for counties.

Document Retention Standards

Question: We regularly do not get the disposition forms from Funeral Homes. What should we do with the 24 hour notice of receipt of body receipt once we have registered the death report if we never received the disposition form from the funeral home?

Question: How long should I retain applications for birth and death records? Can we scan the order forms for archiving purposes?

Death record registration process/timeliness

Question: When a Medical Examiner accepts a referral to complete a death report, does this mean the M.E. fills out an affidavit that is sent to the county along with the death report?

Question: What should the county vital records office do in cases where the County Medical Examiner routinely delays completion of the death report until after an investigation and lab reports are available?

Order processing/issuing vital records

Question: The State Public Notary is now accepting expired ID's for notarizing records three years back on expiration. Is the State considering allowing vital record applicants to use ID that has been expired up to 3 years as acceptable proof of identity?

Question: Will Matricula consulate cards ever be accepted as acceptable proof of identity for the purpose of ordering vital records from the State?

Question: How do we create an order for a replacement copy of a short form death certificate using OVERS when there is no service in OVERS available for replacing short form death certificates?

Home births and burials

Question: What are the rules, processes and procedures that individuals must follow if delivering a baby at home without a CHS registered midwife?

Question: What are the rules, processes and procedures that individuals must follow if intending to care for and bury the body of a deceased individual without the assistance of a licensed funeral director?

Contact Information

JoAnn Jackson
(971) 673-1160
General questions and ideas for training subjects or webinar topics

Judy Shioshi
(971) 673-1166
Vital records liaison, ideas for newsletter articles, and county triennial review lead

Kerry Lionadh
(971) 673-1197
OVERS training for counties and webinar administration