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The partnership between the county vital records’ offices and the Center for Health Statistics is essential to a statewide vital records system. Provided here are a number of resources to assist you.

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Webinar Schedule

Our next State Vital Records webinar will be a two-part series surrounding the issuance of vital records. The first session, the “what and why”, will address the laws, policies, and guidelines on issuing vital records that must be followed. The second session, “the how”, will include the process of issuing vital records in OVERS, including replacement copies. All county vital records staff, new and existing, are encouraged to attend.

Session One: Thursday April 28 2016, 2pm-3pm

Session Two: Tuesday May 3 2016, 9:30am-10:30am

These sessions are not ‘repeats’ – if possible, staff should attend both sessions.

Please watch your email for instructions to join the meeting via Adobe Connect. Click this link to test your system with Adobe Connect ahead of time.

Past Webinars

Below are the slides and notes from our most recent webinar presentation. We also provide an archive of previous webinars.

PDFJanuary 27 & 29, 2015
Topic: Amending Vital Records

  • Update on death amendments
  • Guidelines for amendments
  • 5 common birth amendment scenarios
  • Tips for families
  • Amendment fees
  • Resources

Questions & Answers

The following is a summary of questions asked at our 2014 county webinar on Amendments, along with answers compiled by our staff. The links will take you to our Frequently Asked Questions page for counties.

Question: When a funeral home is completing the top portion of an amendment affidavit request form, if the decedent's name or place of death is the information being corrected, should the funeral homes enter the information that is being corrected or should they enter the information as it will appear on the corrected record?

Question: Can the funeral director or medical certifier turn in a death report without an affidavit if they strike out incorrect item and initial it?

Question: How should we document amendment footnotes if we don’t have a typewriter?

Question: How does the County office amend the medical portion of a death record?

Contact Information

JoAnn Jackson
(971) 673-1160
General questions and ideas for training subjects or webinar topics

Judy Shioshi
(971) 673-1166
Vital records liaison, ideas for newsletter articles, and county triennial review lead

Krystalyn Salyer
(971) 673-1197
OVERS training for counties and webinar administration