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It may seem like a daunting task to implement OVERS at your facility. However, only a few key steps are necessary. Here are all the resources you will need to make this process run smoothly.

Steps for OVERS Implementation: 

  1. Establish an external administrator
  2. Submit OVERS enrollment forms for all users
  3. Schedule training
  4. Install biometric device(s)
  5. Enroll medical providers' fingerprints

1. Establish an external administrator

The external administrator will be the ‘super user’ of the system and single point of contact for medical providers with questions when completing a death record.

We have seen great success with medical facilities that have one or more external administrators in place. Providers feel more comfortable working with someone in-house.

The main duties of an external administrator are to PDFreset user passwords, enroll providers’ fingerprints, and help answer death registration questions. Our PDFuser guide for external administrators explains how.

To sign up, please complete our external administrator agreement as well as an OVERS enrollment form and fax them to our office.

2. Submit OVERS enrollment forms for all users

Visit our Accessing OVERS page for full instructions and to download our enrollment form.

For every user needing an OVERS account, an enrollment form must be completed and sent to our office. Please keep in mind that it may take 1-2 days for the user account to be completed, so we strongly recommend sending these in as soon as possible.

3. Schedule training

For self-paced and -directed training, we provide a number of user guides and web tutorials for you and your medical staff to learn the OVERS program.

We also offer live, interactive web-based trainings conducted by our staff. Anyone at the facility that plans to use OVERS may attend. Give our OVERS Help Desk a call at 971-673-0279 to schedule.

4. Install biometric device(s)

One or more biometric devices must be installed for providers to certify death records. Please visit our Biometrics page for full installation instructions, and our IT FAQs for answers to common questions.

Please keep in mind that it is impossible for us to supply a dedicated biometric device to each provider at your facility due to the associated cost. Some facilities install a couple of devices in a common or shared space, such as a doctor’s lounge or nurse's station, while others have the drivers installed on multiple workstations and only connect the biometric device when needed.

Most facilities will need to involve their IT department to have these installed, as security measures will prevent an individual from installing software or hardware. Also, the device drivers can only be downloaded from our site. No other drivers for these devices found on the internet are compatible. If your IT department has questions regarding these devices or needs assistance with the install, please have them contact Carlos Herrera at 971-673-0629.

5. Enroll medical providers' fingerprints

Once a provider has their account created and has received their user ID and password, the external administrator can begin enrolling their fingerprint signatures. Providers will not be able to certify a death record until they have their fingerprints enrolled. 

We provide a walkthrough on enrolling providers' fingerprint signatures with each of our supported devices: the PDFAPC model and the PDFEikon Solo model.

Questions? Please give our OVERS Help Desk a call at 971-673-0279 between 8am and 5pm weekdays.

Further resources can be found in our list of PDFHospital FAQs as well as our PDFOVERS Implementation Guide.