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Oregon Healthy Teens Survey
OHT 2013 Survey


2013 OHT Survey

State Report now available.
Thank you to all the districts and schools that participated in the 2013 OHT Survey.



Why should districts and schools participate in the OHT Survey?

Because no curriculum is brilliant enough to compensate for a hungry stomach or distracted mind.

There is a strong, well-established link between health and learning. Supporting kids and addressing health issues such as harassment, substance use and unintended pregnancy can greatly improve their ability to learn and academic success. OHT Survey results can help members of the school community to make data-driven decisions and effectively address health-related barriers to learning.

OHT data can be used for:

  • Tracking student population behavior changes as required by Title IVA, Safe and Drug-Free Schools funding
  • School-wide improvement planning and assessment
  • Curricular decisions
  • Grant writing/reporting
  • Engaging community partners
  • Informing the types of funding opportunities offered by the Oregon Health Authority


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Current OHT Survey (2013)

2013 OHT State Report 
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