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Section 3. Abortions 2005 Volume 1

Annual Report: 2005 Vol. 1
Table of Contents

Oregon Vital Statistics Annual Report 2005

Section 3: Induced Terminations of Pregnancy

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Section 3 (All tables) .

Narrative .

Table 3-1 . Number, Rate, and Percent Change for Pregnancies, Births, and Abortions to 15- to 44-Year-Olds, Oregon, 1980-2005

Table 3-2 . Live Births and Induced Abortions Occurring in Oregon, 1968-2005

Table 3-3 . Induced Abortions by Race/Ethnicity, Marital Status and Age, Oregon Occurrence, 2005

Table 3-4 . Abortions in Relation to Length of Gestation by Method, Complications, and Age of Patient, Oregon Occurrence, 2005

Table 3-5 . Contraceptive Use, Number of Previous Abortions, and Number of Living Children by Age of Patient, Oregon Occurrence, 2005

Table 3-6 . Induced Terminations of Pregnancy Occurring in Oregon by Residence and Age Group of Patient, 2005

Table 3-7 . Induced Terminations of Pregnancy by County of Residence and County of Occurrence, Oregon, 2005

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