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Arthritis Self-Management Programs

Moderate physical activity is the simplest and cheapest pain reliever for arthritis.There is a number of physical activity programs designed specifically for people with arthritis. Such programs as Walk With Ease, Enhance Fitness, Fit and Strong! and Tai Chi use gentle activities to help increase joint flexibility and range of motion, maintain muscle strength, and increase overall stamina. Participants of these physical activity programs report such benefits as improved functional ability, increased self-care behaviors, reduced pain and decreased depression.


Walk With Ease Program (WWE)

Walk With Ease (WWE), is an Arthritis Foundation program, which originally was designed for people with arthritis but it is also appropriate for others, including senior adults. Anyone who can be on their feet for 10 minutes can participate in this program. Evidence shows that this program decreases disability, improves arthritis symptoms, and increases self-efficacy, perceived control, balance, strength and walking pace. The WWE program combines health-related educational sessions, stretching and strengthening exercises, and self-paced walks. The WWE program is offered in community and worksite settings and as a self-guided course. Choose the format that best suits you.

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