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Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention

5-Year Strategic Plan (2012-2017​)


The 5-Year Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention (HPCDP) Strategic Plan tackles chronic disease prevention with a comprehensive, community-wide approach to help people eat better, move more, live tobacco free, and take care of themselves. This means achieving better health, better care, and lower health care costs for all Oregonians. Download the HPCDP Strategic Plan (pdf)


Developing Partnerships and Advancing Policy

The focus of the Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program is on developing partnerships and advancing policy to strengthen capacity, evaluate impact and take actions for a heart-healthy and stroke-free Oregon.

Oregon's Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program supports National Million Hearts Efforts (pdf)


Save your heart, take the Million Hearts pledge, and celebrate American Heart Month

Oregon's Heart Disease and Stroke Program priorities, as determined by the United States Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, include:


The statewide plan is a call to action to improve prevention and care for heart disease and stroke in Oregon.  Oregon's Statewide Plan for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention and Care (pdf) 

The Burden of Heart Disease and Stroke in Oregon

The Diabetes, Heart Disease and Stroke in Oregon 2013 report (pdf) presents data on prevalence, deaths and hospitalizations, and explores common risk factors across these conditions in Oregon.

        - Volume 1: Executive Summary (pdf)

        - Volume 2: Risk Factors (pdf)

        - Volume 4: Heart Disease (pdf)

        - Volume 5: Stroke (pdf) 

Oregon Stroke Care Committee

The Stroke Care Committee was established under the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) as a result of the passage of Senate Bill 375 during the 2013 legislative session. The purpose of the Committee is to assist the OHA with achieving continuous quality improvement in the quality of stroke care by:

    (a) Analyzing data related to the prevention and treatment of strokes;
    (b) Identifying potential interventions to improve stroke care; and
    (c) Advising the OHA on meeting its objectives, including but not limited to the objectives of the emergency medical services and trauma system developed pursuant to ORS 431.607, that are related to stroke care.

The Stroke Care Committee is comprised of ten members representing various stroke-related health care stakeholder groups. Upcoming Committee meetings are posted to the Public Meetings Calendar. For more information on the Committee and the OHA’s duties related to the Committee, see ORS 431.673-675 or view the meeting minutes.


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