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TO: All Oregon Medical Marijuana Program Participants

As of March 5, 2012, the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) has closed its customer service window at the Portland State Office Building (PSOB). OMMP applicants and cardholders are no longer able to submit payments or paperwork in person to the OMMP. The OMMP is aware that many cardholders were accustomed to submitting their paperwork in person and receiving a receipt for their payments at the customer service window. It is important to understand that a receipt issued at the OMMP customer service window affords a person no more legal protection than a certified mail receipt from the post office or any other proof of transmission of an application to the OMMP.

*Per ORS 475.309 (9):

A person who has applied for a registry identification card but whose application has not yet been approved or denied, and who is contacted by any law enforcement officer in connection with the person’s administration, possession, delivery or production of marijuana for medical use may provide to the law enforcement officer a copy of the written documentation submitted to the authority and proof of the date of mailing or other transmission of the documentation to the authority. This documentation shall have the same legal effect as a registry identification card until such time as the person receives notification that the application has been approved or denied.

We understand this represents a change for some OMMP cardholders. Though the OMMP does not have a customer service window to accept applications or issue receipts, we do have a secure drop box on the first floor of the PSOB for individuals who wish to come to the building and drop off their applications in a sealed envelope rather than place them in the mail. Also, OMMP card holders can still submit paperwork and payments by mail to OHA/OMMP, PO Box 14450 , Portland, OR 97293-9929.

The OMMP is working on developing an online application process so that patients may submit their applications electronically and make payments by credit or debit card. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the OMMP at 971-673-1234.