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Frequently Asked Questions About OMMP
Measure 91 and marijuana legalization
What is Measure 91?

Measure 91, passed by voters on November 4, 2014, will legalize and regulate the possession and sale of marijuana for recreational use.

Who will implement Measure 91?

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission will implement the law. Learn more at

Does Measure 91 make changes to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program?

No. Measure 91 specifically exempts the current Oregon Medical Marijuana Program from its provisions.

Now that Measure 91 has passed, should I get a new OMMP card or renew my existing card?

Only you and your health care provider can make that decision. OMMP staff cannot offer advice to you.

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What happens to my application once I mail it?

Once your application is complete, OMMP staff will:

  • ​Send a “Verification Letter” to your attending physician to confirm:
    • You are a patient of the physician listed on your Attending Physician Statement;
    • You are affected by a debilitating medical condition covered by the OMMA, and;
    • Your attending physician has recommended that medical marijuana may lessen or relieve the symptoms of your condition.
  • Conduct a criminal background check on the grower, if applicable.

​If your application is complete, your card will be mailed to you within 30 days

Please do not call to check your status prior to 30 days from the date we receive your application. 

The processing of applications takes time, and the same staff who review your application also answer the phones. The more calls we receive, the slower we process applications.

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How can I make sure my application is processed as quickly as possible?

Make sure you:

  • ​Complete all required portions of the application.
  • Submit a complete Attending Physicians statement.
  • Include copies of current U.S. state or federal issued photo I.D. for the patient, caregiver, and grower, if applicable.
  • Submit the correct payment amount. If you are eligible for a reduced fee, submit the required proof. If you register a growsite, include the required $50 fee.
  • Do not call to check your application status for 30 days from the date we receive your application.

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Does the OMMP expedite the processing of applications so patients may access dispensaries?

No. All applications are treated equally and the OMMP processes them as quickly as possible.

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What if I don't send in all the required parts of my application?
  • If you don't send in all the required application materials, OMMP staff will send you an "Incomplete Letter" that tells you what you need to submit to complete your application.
  • You will have 14 days from the date of the letter to get the missing application materials to OMMP.
  • If the missing application materials are not submitted within the 14 days, your application may be rejected.

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Who may act as a grower?
  • A patient may grow for his or herself or designate an individual 18 years or older to act as his or her grower.
  • The OMMP conducts a criminal background check on all designated growers.
  • If a grower has been convicted of felony violating ORS 475.840 through 475.920 on or after January 1, 2006, that person is prohibited from growing marijuana for a patient for five years from the date of conviction for the first offense.
  • Individuals with more than one conviction are permanently prohibited from growing.

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Do I have to list a grower and growsite address on my application?

Only if you are growing your own medical marijuana or are designating another person to grow medical marijuana for you.

  • Patients growing medicine or designating a grower are required to provide the OMMP with the growsite address.
  • Only one growsite address may be registered per patient.
  • Growsites must be located in Oregon.

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Do I need to keep a copy of my application and any other information I send to the OMMP?

Yes. If your application has not yet been approved, denied or terminated you may provide law enforcement with a copy of your written documentation submitted to the OMMP along with proof of the date of mailing or other transmission of the documentation.

  • This documentation affords you the same legal protection as a registry identification card, until such time as you receive your card or notification that your application has been approved, denied or terminated.
  • Written documentation of your application does not allow you access to dispensaries.

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How much does it cost to register?

The standard application fee is $200.

An applicant may qualify for a reduced fee of:

  • $60 with proof of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits​ (SNAP), or
  • $50 with proof of Oregon Health Plan (OHP) eligibility, or
  • $20 with proof of receipt of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) monthly benefits, or
  • $20 with proof of receipt of compensation from the VA based on a finding of 100% service-connected disability or receipt of a needs-based pension from the VA as described in OAR 333-008-0020.

Grower Registration Fee: If a designated grower is someone other than the patient, a growsite registration fee of $50 is required in addition to the application fee.

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Do I have to tell the OMMP if I change my mailing address, add or remove a caregiver, grower, or change my growsite address?

Yes. You are required to submit a Change Form with the updated information within 30 days.

  • Change forms should be submitted via mail. The OMMP does not accept changes of information over the telephone or by fax.
  • Changes to your caregiver and/or grower require that the former caregiver and/or grower cards be returned to the OMMP within seven days.
  • Patients are required by law to notify the former caregiver and/or grower that they no longer have this designation.

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Do I need to have any legal concerns when I make changes to caregiver, grower or growsite information?

Yes. It is important for your registry file to be up to date so if law enforcement requests verification of information from the OMMP your current caregiver, grower, and growsite are all protected.

  • To make sure individuals and the growsite are protected, and that previously protected individuals know their status has changed, submit a Change Form for caregiver, grower, and/or growsite changes immediately.
  • The OMMP recommends that you obtain a new growsite registration card before moving plants to a new grow site and keep copies of all Change Forms.

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How can I verify that I am a grower or caregiver for a particular patient?
  • The patient is responsible for getting the cards to the caregiver and grower. You can ask the patient to sign an approved Authorization for Use and Disclosure of Information form that will enable you to contact the OMMP and verify whether you are an authorized grower or caregiver for that patient.
  • The OMMP is prohibited from providing any information concerning a patient to a grower or caregiver without a valid authorization of release of information.

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How can I find a medical marijuana dispensary in Oregon?

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Dispensary Program maintains a directory of licensed dispensaries on their website at

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Do I need a physician to recommend the use of medical marijuana?

Yes. A physician must state in writing that the patient has a qualifying debilitating medical condition and that medical marijuana may lessen or relieve the symptoms or effects of that condition annually.

Can a naturopath, chiropractor, ​or nurse practitioner sign my “Attending Physician Statement”?

No. Attending Physician is defined as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) licensed under ORS chapter 677.

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Does the physician have to be licensed in Oregon?

Yes. The law specifies that a physician must be licensed in Oregon.

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Can the OMMP give me legal advice?

No. If you have questions concerning compliance with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act you should consult a private attorney.

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Can a patient withdraw from the program?

Yes. A patient must submit a written statement that he or she wishes to withdraw from the OMMP.

  • All cards must be returned to the OMMP within seven days of the withdrawal notification.
  • The patient’s card and all cards associated will be voided.
  • The patient is responsible for notifying his or her grower and caregiver, if applicable, that his or her card is no longer valid.
  • The patient may reapply as a new patient at any time.​

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Do patients get a refund if they withdraw from the program?

No. The application and growsite fees are non-refundable.

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