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1997 CD Summary Issues

A fortnightly newsletter published by Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division.

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These issues are PDF files that require Adobe Reader® software to be read and printed.

December 23
Vol. 46, No. 26

A/H5N1 Influenza in Hong Kong (pdf) (19K)

December 9
Vol. 46, No. 25

Pediatric Plumbism: Revised (Lead) Screening Guidelines (pdf) (20K)

November 25
Vol. 46, No. 24

Suicidal Thoughts, Suicidal Deaths (pdf) (19K)

November 11
Vol. 46, No. 23

Physician-Assisted Suicide (pdf) (18K)

October 28
Vol. 46, No. 22

The Oregon Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (pdf) (28K)

October 14
Vol. 46, No. 21

VISA: Not Welcome Here (pdf) (20K)

September 30
Vol. 46, No. 20

Tuberculosis and HIV Infection: More Than the Sum of the Parts (pdf) (18K)

September 16
Vol. 46, No. 19

Influenza: Recommendations for the Coming Plague (pdf) (41K)

September 2
Vol. 46, No. 18

Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcal Infections (pdf) (21K)

August 19
Vol. 46, No. 17

Summary Communicable Disease Data for 1996 (Selected Diseases) (pdf) (35K)

August 5
Vol. 46, No. 16

Hemochromatosis: A Common (yet Preventable) Chronic Disease (pdf) (19K)

July 22
Vol. 46, No. 15

Exercise: Live Long and Prosper (pdf) (27K)

July 8
Vol. 46, No. 14

Screening for HIV Infection during routine Prenatal Care (pdf) (17K)

June 24
Vol. 46, No. 13

Pertussis: The Cough that Won't Go Away (pdf) (26K)

June 10
Vol. 46, No. 12

Home-Canned Enterotoxin (pdf) (15K)

May 27
Vol. 46, No. 11

Diabetes Guidelines Distributed...The Spending Smokescreen (pdf) (14K)

May 13
Vol. 46, No. 10

Heaven's Gate? Internet Portals for Health Providers (pdf) (25K)

April 29
Vol. 46, No. 09

Health Insurance and Access to Health Care in Oregon (pdf) (43K)

April 15
Vol. 46, No. 08

Deer: A New Source of Escherichia Coli O157:H7 Infections (pdf) (34K)

April 1
Vol. 46, No. 07

Physician Stool Culturing Practices in Oregon (pdf) (23K)

March 18
Vol. 46, No. 06

Premature Death Among African-Americans and American Indians (pdf) (46K)

March 4
Vol. 46, No. 05

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: A Silent and Deadly Threat (pdf) (20K)

February 18
Vol. 46, No. 04

Home Collection Kits for HIV Testing (pdf) (19K)

February 4
Vol. 46, No. 03

ACIP/AAP Recommendations for Hepatitis A Immunization (pdf) (28K)

January 21
Vol. 46, No. 02

ACIP Recommendations for Use of Varicella Vaccine (pdf) (18K)

January 7
Vol. 46, No. 01

Keeping Track of Abortions in Oregon (pdf) (27K)