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2014 CD Summary Issues

A fortnightly newsletter published by Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division.

Telephone: 971-673-1111
FAX: 971-673-1100
Email: Contact the CD Summary

Subscriptions are available via e-mail. We will be ending our regular mail delivery option the summer of 2014.

These issues are PDF files that require Adobe Reader® software to be read and printed.

July 1
Vol 63 No 12

Clostridium Difficile Infection: Our Biggest Nosocomial Problem? (pdf)
June 17
Vol 63 No 12


Marijuana Use in Oregon: What We Know and What We Don't (pdf)

June 3
Vol 63 No 11

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) (pdf)

May 20
Vol 63 No 10

2013 Oregon Communicable Disease Report (pdf)

May 6
Vol 63 No 9

Animal Bites in Oregon (pdf)

April 22
Vol 63 No 8

Tobacco Marketing: What's in Store in 2014 (pdf)

April 8
Vol 63 No 7

Nonmedical Exemptions to School Vaccination Requirements (pdf)

March 25
Vol 63 No 6

The Public Health Response to Community Cancer Clusters (pdf)

March 11
Vol 63 No 5

The 2014 Adult Immunization Schedules (pdf)

February 25
Vol 63 No 4

Cervical Dysplasia in Oregon: Screening and HPV Vaccine (pdf)

February 11
Vol 63 No 3

Oregon Crisis Care Guidance: When the Going Gets Tough... (pdf)

January 28
Vol 63 No 2

Candidemia: Central Line and Main Line (pdf)

January 14
​Vol 63 No 1

Preventing Excessive Alcohol Use: What Public Health Can Do (pdf) 
(updated 1/22/14)


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