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Contact the CD Summary

Telephone: 971-673-1111
FAX: 971-673-1100

Feel free to forward illumination, invective or idle chatter. Replies not guaranteed.

To subscribe

We always enjoy a friendly salutation. To request your subscription, copy the sample subscription request below, click on our email link (, paste the message into the email window, adjust to taste, and send. Thanks very much! 
Subscriber tips

Subscriptions are available via e-mail or regular mail.

If requesting an e-mail subscription, whether you are a current snail-mail subscriber or not, please include your full name and mailing address in your message. We ask this because:

  1. Many people share the same name. If you are a subscriber, it helps us distinguish your unique data string from the anonymous masses, and, 
  2. Often, people change their e-mail address and never tell us. This way, if your e-mail comes back, we can convert you to a print subscriber (as opposed to deleting you entirely) until you become annoyed at the waste of paper and you update the e-mail address.
Sample subscription request

A helpful sample request might read (fill in the dots, legibly):

"Hi! My name is...

I would like to become a (snail mail or e-mail) CD Summary subscriber.

My current mailing address is...

Please add my email address of...

I am/am not a current subscriber.

Thank you."