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Orpheus is a joint database development and integration effort co-sponsored by the Acute and Communicable Disease Prevention (ACDP) and the HIV, Sexually Transmitted Disease and Tuberculosis (HST) Programs within the Oregon Public Health Division. Orpheus is an integrated electronic disease surveillance system intended for local and state public health epidemiologists and disease investigators to efficiently manage communicable disease reports.

Orpheus exemplifies health information exchange (HIE), as most case investigations are initiated by the electronic laboratory reports (ELRs), which are automatically imported and accessible to both local and state users, who can work together on cases. Orpheus uses a commercial off-the-shelf application (FileMaker Pro), which is compatible with national standards, and leverages the state's enterprise information architecture, such as the Citrix access gateway, to assure that it complies with the highest level of security and confidentiality. If you have questions on Orpheus, please contact the Orpheus tech team at 971-673-1111

Orpheus Training Videos

Orpheus training videos (through YouTube)


Other Training Materials

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