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Outbreak Investigation in Oregon
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Call your local county health department if you suspect an outbreak of disease.

The Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division's Acute and Communicable Disease Prevention program works with Oregon county health departments, other states and the CDC to detect, track, prevent and control the spread of infectious diseases.

In Oregon, some of the most common pathogens that cause disease outbreaks are Salmonella, ShigellaE. coli, and norovirus. Outbreaks of pertussis, gastroenteritis, and measles still occur. Mumps is now a reportable disease in Oregon. Physicians are required by law to report suspected outbreaks of specified diseases, infections and conditions.

Outbreaks in healthcare facilities, including hospitals, nursing homes, ambulatory surgery centers, dialysis centers, birthing centers, and community-based care (assisted living, residential care, foster homes), are reportable.​

Oregon communicable disease outbreak data and summaries.
Guidelines for investigating foodborne gastroenteritis outbreaks
Guidelines for investigating gastroenteritis outbreaks in long-term care facilities (LTCF) and hospitals
Tools for outbreak investigation, including interview questionnaires and custom-made tracking and analysis tools developed by the Acute and Communicable Disease Prevention section
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Healthcare-Associated Infection Outbreak Information
Guidelines for investigating HAI outbreaks, including multidrug-resistant organisms (MDRO)