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Oregon Program Review Panel (OPRP) Protocol

CDC Requirement:

Prior to disseminating new  HIV prevention messages through pictorials, audiovisuals, questionnaires, survey instruments, marketing advertising, educational sessions, and brochures, community-based organizations, local health departments, or state agencies that receive Centers for Disease Control and Prevention HIV prevention funding and participate in health-related promotions must determine whether those materials have already been formally approved by the Oregon Program Review Panel (OPRP).

Step 1:  Check the OPRP Approved Materials List (Local Health Departments and Community-Based Programs complete this step)

Please check the current list of HIV prevention materials that have been reviewed and approved for dissemination.

If the materials have been OPRP approved statewide and appear on the “Approved List,” agencies do not have to participate in the OPRP/PRP process and are free to disseminate the materials within their service area. 

If materials have not been reviewed by OPRP, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2:  Submit Materials to the OPRP to review new HIV Prevention Education Materials.

Prior to submitting materials to the OPRP for review, you must download and review the OPRP Guidelines (pdf), the OPRP Submittal Form Instruction Page (pdf), and the OPRP Submittal Form (pdf).

After reading the information from those forms, please complete all of the requested information on the OPRP Submittal Form and send the completed form, along with the materials that need to be reviewed to Warren Scott  800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 1105 Portland, OR  97232-2162 or via e-mail at

Agencies that are submitting materials for review are required to complete all information requested on the OPRP Submittal Form and include a copy of the materials that are to be reviewed. 

NOTE:  Agencies submitting HIV prevention curriculum must highlight only the components of the curriculum (those that contain prevention/education messages) that are to be reviewed by the OPRP.  For convenience and  efficiency, agencies are asked to submit these requests electronically whenever possible.

Step 3:  Oregon Program Review Panel Approval/Disapproval Process

Upon receipt of the completed submittal form and copies of the materials to be reviewed, OHA staff will send materials to the OPRP for review.

Please refer to the OPRP Reviewer's Form for a listing of the information considered in the OPRP review process.

If DISAPPROVED, agencies will receive a document that outlines why the materials were not accepted for dissemination in Oregon.  Agencies will be asked to address these issues if they wish to adapt materials for an additional review.

If APPROVED, agencies may use the materials immediately upon notification by Oregon Health Authority HIV Prevention staff.

Step 4:  Approved materials added to the Approved List

Upon approval, the submission will be added to the “Approved List” of OPRP-approved materials that are available to use in Oregon.

Please refer to the Local Program Review Panel (LPRP) Protocol for instructions on how to submit materials through your LPRP.


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