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Self-Management Programs

This is a current listing of Arthritis Foundation exercise and aquatics programs throughout Oregon. Each program has a telephone number for you to call for specific information.

The Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program (AFEP)

 For many years it was thought that people with arthritis and related conditions shouldn't exercise because it would damage their joints. Today, however, doctors and therapists know that moderate physical activity can improve your health without hurting your joints.


The arthritis exercise program is designed specifically for people with arthritis that uses gentle activities to help increase joint flexibility and range of motion and to help maintain muscle strength. It also helps increase overall stamina. Participants previously enrolled in the arthritis exercise program have experienced such benefits as increased functional ability, increased self-care behaviors, decreased pain and decreased depression.

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Walk With Ease Program (WWE)

Walk With Ease is a six-week, community-based physical activity and self-management education program, led in groups by trained leaders.  the program includes health education, stretching and strengthening exercises and motivational strategies, as well as 10 - 30 minutes of walking.


Walk With Ease is specifically developed for adults with arthritis who want to be more physically active, however the program is beneficial for anybody looking for a gentle exercise program.  The program is safe and effective.  In a scientific study, those who participated showed decreased disability and improvements in levels of pain, fatigue and stiffness.
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