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Asthma Resource Bank

Tools for Providers

Patient Education Handouts

Tools for School Staff

Permitted Use of Materials





Tools for Providers

Tools that providers can use to support on-going care to their patients, including an Asthma Action Plan that summarizes the doctor's instructions for self-management of asthma, a guide to measuring sthma care in your practice, and a questionnaire to be completed by patients with asthma prior to visiting the doctor that assesses control, and dosage chart for inhaled corticosteroids:

       Asthma Action Plan (English, Spanish, Vietnamese)

       The Guide to Improving Asthma Care in Oregon (English)

       Patient questionnaire (English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese)


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Patient Education Handouts

Brief patient education handouts to aid providers when explaining specific topics to their patients and reinforce the key asthma messages of prevention and control.

     Questions and answers about using inhaled corticosteroids for asthma (English)

     What to do if you get asthma symptoms when you exercise (English)

     Taking your "daily control" medicine for asthma (English)

     What to do about cold or flu when you have asthma (English)

     Asthma and secondhand smoke (English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese)

     Smoking and asthma (English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese)

     Pets and asthma (English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese)

     What is asthma and what can you do about it? (English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese)

     Why do you need two different types of asthma medication? (English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese)

     What to do when you have an asthma attack (English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese)

     What things cause asthma attacks for you? (English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese)

     Warning signs for possible problems with asthma (English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese)


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Tools for School staff

Tools for school staff to support students with asthma:

     Tips for school staff about physical activity of students with asthma (English)

     When a student has an asthma attack (English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese)


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Permitted Use of Materials

The materials in the Oregon Asthma Resource Bank are intended to be used by health professionals as a patient education aid, helping reinforce key messages about asthma self-management. The materials are not intended to be used as a substitute for medical advice and asthma education given by a patient's doctor.

There is no charge for these materials, but a few restrictions apply:

  • You are not permitted to change these materials in any way unless you get written permission in advance from the Oregon Asthma Network.
  • Commercial use of these materials is prohibited.


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