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Got Polyps?

Colorectal Cancer Campaign

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Got Polyps? Campaign
Got Polyps? Media Kit
Colorectal Cancer Public Service Flyers
Screen for Life: Public Service Announcements from the CDC

Got Polyps?

Prevent it! Treat it! Beat it!

Colorectal cancer is the #2 cancer killer in Oregon, but it IS preventable! In 2008, the Oregon Partnership for Cancer Control launched a colorectal cancer screening campaign called "Got Polyps?" This statewide educational campaign was based on the CDC's Screen for Life Campaign.

We're working together to fight colorectal cancer in Oregon!

Got Polyps? Media Kit

Information and Fact Sheets

Colorectal Cancer Public Service Flyers

The OPCC Colorectal Health Task Force, a subcommittee of the Prevention and Early Workgroup, developed three 8x10" color flyers promoting colorectal screening. Click on a poster to open the full size pdf to view or print.

Colorectal Flyer 1

Colorectal Flyer 2

Colorectal Flyer 3

There are two kinds of order forms below, one is an interative form that can be filled out on line and submitted by e-mail, the other is a print friendly form that can be mailed or faxed.  You can also click on a poster and print your own from the pdf file.

Screen for Life: Public Service Announcements from the CDC

The Screen For Life public service announcements feature Terrance Howard, Jimmy Smits, Diane Keaton and Morgan Freeman. Campaign spokespeople help promote colorectal cancer screenings across the nation.