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Renewing Your Registration: OMMP Patients

Registration renewal

Cardholders must renew registration every year. If the OMMP does not receive your complete renewal application by the current registration expiration date, your registration card will no longer be valid and you will no longer be protected from civil and criminal penalties.

Do not renew too early. The earliest you can renew is 90 days before your current registration expires. Your Attending Physician's Statement must be signed within that 90 day period, otherwise it will not be valid.

When it is time to renew, we will send a renewal packet including:

  • Renewal instructions
  • An application form that shows your current registration information
  • An Attending Physician's Statement
  • Current registration expiration date
To renew online:
  • Create an account or sign in to your existing account at:
  • Complete the steps to renew your application.
  • To be complete, your renewal application must include all of the items listed in the box below.

Need help? Get help using the online system.

To renew by mail:

Submit the items listed in the box below to OHA/OMMP, P.O. Box 14450, Portland, OR 97293-0450.

What to submit

 OMMP Application Form

Download form (pdf)

Renewing by mail - Review the application form you receive with your renewal packet. Check that all information is correct, including caregiver and grower/grow site (if applicable). If you need to make changes, mark them on the form. If you did not receive a renewal packet, complete a blank application form.

Renewing online - The system will pre-populate the information from your most current application and you will be able to make all necessary changes as you go through the online process.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Note: If you are changing information on your renewal, those changes will not apply to your current registration. To make a change to your current registration, see Making Changes.

 Copies of valid photo ID for patient and designated caregiver and grower

Samples of valid ID (pdf)

 Attending Physician's Statement completed by physician

Download form (pdf)

Disabled veterans who meet the qualifications per 333-008-0040 (2)(a) or (b) do not have to submit an Attending Physician's Statement annually to the program. See the Frequently Asked Questions page for qualifications.

 Fee payment 

View cardholder fees - Note: Effective 4/1/2016, the grower fee is $200.

 ​ ​ 
 If you are registering a minor:

Submit the Declaration of Person Responsible for a Minor to Participate in Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (pdf) with the renewal application


A patient may request in writing that the expiration of his/her cards be extended if he/she is facing a personal hardship.

To request an extension:

Submit by mail the Extension Request form (pdf) before your current registration expiration date.

In order for an extension to be granted, the extension request must:

  • Be received on or before the date the registration expires
  • Include the reason for the extension request
  • Be signed by the patient