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Laboratories approved for testing marijuana

As of October 1, 2016, all marijuana items must be sampled and tested according to OAR 333-007-0300 to 333-007-0490 and OAR 333-064-0100 to 333-064-0110.

Labs used for testing must be both accredited by ORELAP and licensed by OLCC.

ORELAP-accredited laboratories for Cannabis testing

OLCC-licensed laboratories for Cannabis testing (look for "Laboratory" under "License Type")

NOTE: A laboratory must appear on both lists and may only perform testing and/or sampling according to their accreditation.

ORELAP accreditation

For information about laboratory accreditation for testing Cannabis, which is required as of October 1, 2016:

Laboratory reporting requirements

Failed test results must be reported to the overseeing State Agency by the testing laboratory within 24 hours of completion of the laboratory's data review and approval procedures. Results must be reported at the same time or before reporting to the grower or processor​. If tests are sub-contracted out by a laboratory, the primary laboratory is responsible for reporting results to the overseeing State Agency. 

Laboratories that perform testing must notify the overseeing State Agency if any of the following is found during testing:

  • Any failed test result (except failed water activity)
  • Any pesticide test result with a "detected" level
  • Tentative Identified Compounds (TICs)

To notify OMMP, submit the following documentation to

​Control study information

To receive approval for a control study, the laboratory that performed the testing for the processing site needs to submit the following information to the overseeing State Agency:

  • A copy of all test results
  • A data sheet showing the requirements for a control study have been met; and
​For Medical Marijuana Registered Processors:

Laboratories may send control study information related to medical processors to:​​​

For OLCC Licensed Processors:

 Laboratories may send control study information related to recreational processors to:​