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Use the forms below to provide the documentation required of Oregon medical marijuana processors.

  Form Name Requirements
image link to PDF form Background Check Request
  • Must be submitted for all persons listed on an application for a medical marijuana dispensary.
  • Must be submitted in support of request to add a new owner and PRP.
  • For details, visit the Background Check page.
  • All persons listed on an application for a medical marijuana dispensary registration must complete a background check request form. PRPs must submit separate background check request forms for each dispensary site they propose to serve.
image link to PDF form Electronic Fingerprint Authorization
image link to PDF form Individual History Form
  • Must be submitted within 30 calendar days of new application payment.
  • Required for each person listed on the application.
image link to PDF form Processor Endorsement Form
  • Applicants seeking to register a processing site must identify their proposed endorsements on this form. This form is required for all applicants seeking a processor registration or any registrant seeking an additional endorsement type for an existing processor registration.
  • Applicants and registrants completing this form should first review requirements for medical marijuana processors under OAR 333-008-1600 through OAR 333-008-1830.
image link to PDF form Notification of Processing Site Readiness
  • Do not submit this form prior to notification of meeting initial criteria.
  • Must be submitted within 60 days of notification from OHA that an application meets initial criteria.
  • By 5:00 pm on the prescribed deadline, the form must be submitted using one of these methods:
    • Uploaded to the application online or:
    • Emailed to or:
    • Mailed, postmarked by 5:00 pm on the prescribed deadline, to:
      Oregon Medical Marijuana Program
      P.O. Box 14116
      Portland, OR 97293
image link to PDF form Extension Request for Processing Readiness
  • Must be submitted before your 60-day readiness deadline expires.
  • The extension request must be for a reason outside your control, and you must provide supporting documents.
image link to PDF form Remove or Change a Person Responsible for a Processing Site (PRP)
  • A PRP Remove or Change Form must be submitted to remove or change the designation of a PRP or Primary PRP.
  • Failure to notify the Authority of a change of PRP, or if a PRP has resigned his/her position, may result in revocation of a dispensary registration.
image link to PDF form Add a Person Responsible for a Processing Site (PRP)
  • Only submit this form when a PRP or primary PRP is added.
image link to PDF form Transfer Authorization Form
  • A Transfer Authorization Form must be used whenever unused marijuana is transferred by a grower or caregiver to a registered processing site.
  • This form authorizes a specific person such a caregiver or grower to transfer unused marijuana on behalf of card holder.
Transfer Authorization Form - Processor to Processor OR Dispensary
  • ​This form authorizes a processing site to transfer  
    cannabinoid concentrate, extract, edible, transdermal patch, or suppositories to another processing site OR dispensary.
image link to PDF form Continuation of Operations by a Secured Party
  • In the event of Foreclosure or Cessation of Operations, a Secured party may continue operations. This form allows to appoint such secured party.
image link to PDF form Request to Change Premises
  • Must be submitted to seek approval from the Authority before making any physical changes that could substantially alter the premises from plans the Authority originally viewed.
  • A floor or plot sketch must be attached with this request under OAR 333-008-1040(6)(b).
image link to PDF form Business Change
  • Must be used whenever a registrant proposes to change its corporate structure, ownership structure or financial interest with an individual.
image link to PDF form Security Waiver Request
  • You must submit a separate waiver request for each requirement you are asking OHA to waive.
  • Use this form to request to waive specific requirements under OAR 333-008-2080 to OAR 33-008-2120 if you believe it is impossible to comply with a particular security provision.
Intake Form - Processor
  • ​This form is required as the Processor Intake Form. It must be used in order to adhere to the intake transfer documentation rule requirements OAR 333-008-1760(5).