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It is important to remember that the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) is only a registry program. Many questions asked about the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act fall outside the legal bounds of the registry program and will not be answered by OMMP staff. Examples of some of these questions are: Where does a person get seeds or plants? Where can a person find a doctor?
To learn more about medical marijuana in Oregon, the OMMP website offers the links below to well-known, privately operated search engines (Google, MSN). These links are set to the keywords "Oregon+medical+marijuana" and are provided as resources to answer questions beyond the scope of the OMMP.
Please carefully read the following message before using the links.
By selecting either of the EXIT> links, you will be leaving the Oregon Health Authority's website. The site you choose to visit is not affiliated with the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), and OHA is not responsible for the content of the site you are about to access.

OHA accepts no legal responsibility for, nor does it endorse or otherwise promote, any material or opinion that may be accessed through these sites, nor for any material or other loss or damage that results from access to, or denial of access to, any of these sites.

As with any source of information, you need to have a critical eye and assess the credibility of your sources.

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