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HIV/AIDS Reports and Data
Quarterly updates of STD case data are available here

The following HIV/AIDS data tables and summaries were prepared by the HIV/STD/TB Program of the Oregon Health Authority. The Epidemiologic Profile is published annually and is a comprehensive review of HIV/AIDS in Oregon. More recent and preliminary data is prepared quarterly.

The current Epidemiologic Profile summarizes HIV/AIDS in Oregon for cases diagnosed through December 2012. Updated 04/08/2014
Preliminary Data - Updated 10/14/2014
The 'Report Date' is the date the case report is first entered into eHARS (HIV/AIDS Reporting System). The Diagnosis Date is often much earlier than the date reported. The difference between these dates is the reporting delay. Because of reporting delay, HIV/AIDS case reporting data is considered preliminary until approximately six months after any given reporting period, at which time the number of diagnoses would be considered 95% complete.
  1. HIV infection diagnoses, deaths, and living by year and sex
  2. Oregon cases of HIV infection by year of diagnosis, sex and race, 1981--2014
  3. Oregon cases of HIV infection by year of diagnosis, sex and age, 1981- 2014
  4. Oregon cases of HIV infection by county of residence and year of diagnosis
  5. Annual totals of Oregon HIV Cases by HIV/AIDS status
  6. AIDS diagnosed within 12 months of first diagnosis by age, sex, transmission category, and region: 2009–2012
  7. Oregon-diagnosed HIV cases by HIV/AIDS status, living as of 09/30/2014
  8. Oregon HIV cases currently living in Oregon, by HIV/AIDS status, living as of 9/30/2014
  9. Oregon HIV/AIDS cases by state and METRO REGION, year, sex, age group, race, ethnicity, transmission category, and previous year-to-date, 2009-2014