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Multi-Hospital Collaborative
Multi-Hospital Collaborative

The Oregon Patient Safety Commission (OPSC) is a semi-independent state agency charged by the Oregon Legislature to reduce the risk of serious adverse events that occur in Oregon’s healthcare system and to encourage a culture of patient safety.

In 2010, OPSC started the Oregon Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) Prevention Collaborative to address central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs), surgical site infections (SSIs), and Clostridium difficile infections in nine participating hospitals.

Since June 2010, the HAI Prevention Collaborative has successfully reduced CLABSIs in nine participating hospital units by more than 20% and SSIs in targeted surgeries by more than 40%. Current efforts to spread improvements across hospitals and surgical practices are yielding positive results, as are the latest efforts at C.difficile prevention.

In 2011, to build on this success, the original hospital collaborative has expanded to the HAI Prevention Collaboratives, which include: a continuing hospital-based collaborative, a collaborative engaging Oregon’s seven neonatal intensive care units, and a collaborative engaging 10 to 15 renal dialysis centers across the state. Currently, the HAI Prevention Collaboratives are focusing specifically on CLABSI reduction, and they are working toward a July 2012 goal of reducing CLABSIs by 20%, with the ultimate goal of eliminating CLABSIs in Oregon.

To learn more about the Oregon Patient Safety Commission, visit OPSC.