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Healthcare-Associated Infection (HAI) Activities in Oregon

 Oregon a Leader in Preventing HAIs: See CDC Report


The CDC’s latest HAI Progress Report shows Oregon continues to be a leader in preventing healthcare-associated infections.

Healthcare-Associated Infections

Oregon has a number of national and state-level activities focused on understanding and reducing the occurrence of healthcare-associated infections (HAI).

These include mandated reporting of high risk HAIs, validation of reported data, and a patient safety commission adapting evidence-based HAI prevention strategies aimed at reducing HAIs. Oregon also has multiple research projects to determine overall HAI prevalence, to make HAI surveillance easier for hospitals, and to monitor specific HAI pathogens. 

MRSA culture
Learn about the pathogens associated with HAIs, information for health care facilities and answers to FAQs.
medical provider
The Oregon Health Authority provides oversight and support for the mandatory reporting of healthcare-associated infections in Oregon hospitals.
data chart
As a part of Oregon's Emerging Infections Program (EIP) we conduct active population-based surveillance for healthcare-associated infections, as well as broad studies of HAI prevalence and methods to improve HAI surveillance.
HAI Data Validation Activities
Data validation ensures that the mandatory reporting of HAIs is complete and accurate. State employees independently audit hospital medical records to validate HAIs.