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For Local Health Departments

Local health departments play a vital role in protecting the health of Oregon's citizens.

Public health services are carried out through a collaborative system of federal, state and local agencies, private organizations and communities. The Public Health Department works closely with local health departments who assist in disease investigation and reports. Public health touches every person, every day, and helps Oregon communities create healthy environments so those who live there can be well.
disease reporting poster
All Oregon physicians, other health care providers, and laboratorians are required by law to report certain diseases and conditions to local health departments.
Acute gastroenteritis (AGE), defined as diarrhea or vomiting, is a major cause of illness in the United States. Learn about food safety "Centers of Excellence" and our work to improve the effectiveness of disease surveillance and outbreak investigations.
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Find information on investigating respiratory disease outbreaks.
Resources for local health departments on the control of infectious diseases (general disease control, foodborne disease, zoonotic disease, and antimicrobial resistance).
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Learn about online courses in communicable disease investigation and control.
Do HIPAA privacy regulations mean that health care providers can't release patient information to you for your public health investigations? No! Read the relevant provisions of the federal statute and rule.
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Orpheus is an integrated electronic disease surveillance system intended for local and state public health epidemiologists and disease investigators to efficiently manage communicable disease reports.