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OHA L​earning Center

Oregon local public health officials can self-register on the OHA Learning Center and select from a variety of online or classroom-based courses. The Learning Center employs a web-based training tracker and offers courses of interest to CD investigators.

Courses in Communicable Disea​se Investigation and Control

In consultation with seasoned investigators from Oregon local health departments, ACDP epidemiologists have developed two e-learning courses on communicable disease (CD) investigation and control. They feature the use of Oregon-specific tools like the Investigative Guidelines, the Compendium of Acute Foodborne Diseases, and others available on the ACDP web site.

Introduction to Communicable ​Disea​se and Epidemiology

Search Course #C00337 on the Learning Center website.

This course teaches the basics of epidemiology, infectious disease agents and transmission characteristics. Familiarize yourself with Oregon laws regarding reportable diseases and with specific tools for investigating cases. Scenarios take you from the basics of identifying reportable conditions, to public health notification, to prevention of further spread. Course length is approximately 40 minutes.

Target Aud​ience

Primarily local public health CD nurses. This course is also fitting for environmental health specialists and others for whom cross-training in CD control would improve LHD surge capacity. Other public health officials, healthcare professionals and anyone who wants to understand the basics of epidemiology and communicable disease may also find it worthwhile.

​​Introduction to Outbreak In​ves​​tigation
Search Course #C00546 on the Learning Center website.

This self-paced e-learning course provides an intermediate level training of how to conduct an outbreak investigation in Oregon. This includes the steps necessary for reporting in Oregon, and the use of specific investigation forms, reports and guidelines to assist in the investigation. Course length is approximately 45 minutes.


Participants should have a basic familiarity with epidemiology terms and concepts of communicable disease epidemiology. We recommend that those without epidemiology knowledge first complete the Introduction to Communicable Disease and Epidemiology online module.

Target Audience

Primarily local public health officials who may be called to investigate outbreaks. Other public health officials, healthcare professionals and anyone who wants to understand how outbreaks are investigated may also find it worthwhile.

Outbreak Interviewing Strategies

The Do's an​​d Don'ts of Outbreak Interviewing

The Oregon Health Authority presents a training film on disease outbreak interviewing techniques to train staff and volunteers to assist with surge capacity during outbreaks. This 30-minute film includes tips on interviewing and can be used alone or with the accompanying training guide listed below.

Staff and volunteers assisting with surge capacity during outbreaks.

Training Video and Guide