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Preparedness Surveillance and Epidemiology Team


Oregonians have the information and tools they need to protect themselves from, respond effectively to, and recover successfully following a public health emergency.


  • Collaborate with communities, tribes, and all levels of government to maintain robust capability for a wide range of emergencies;
    • Assess vulnerability to specific hazards in Oregon communities and the capabilities to respond to them;
    • Build sustainable systems to plan and prepare for public health emergencies;
  • Provide training, consultation and tools to our partners so they are prepared to provide an effective epidemiologic response;
  • Develop, exercise and improve response and recovery plans to ensure Oregonians are ready when a public health emergency arises;
  • Maintain and enhance systems for providing timely and accurate information to decision makers during public health emergencies;
  • Establish and maintain business continuity in the face of a public health crisis so our essential services are not interrupted;
  • Practice routine communicable disease epidemiology to maintain our competency and credibility.

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