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Disaster Epidemiology

The Public Health Division works to ensure Oregonians have the information and tools they need to protect themselves from, respond effectively to, and recover successfully following a public health emergency.

Oregon Public Health Preparedness Epidemiologists are committed to:
    Building our surveillance and epidemiology capacity to meet the needs of  routine public health investigations, and  Strengthening our ability to detect intentional and unintentional  public health threats as they emerge.
Role of the Public Health Division

The Oregon Public Health Division provides technical support and epidemiology courses to local health jurisdictions for surveillance and investigation of infectious diseases, radiation, water quality, injury, chronic illness and lead poisoning. This includes systematic collection, analysis, interpretation and management of public health-related data to provide local, state, and national situational awareness. Suspected poisoning, occupational illness and injury reports filed with the state workers' compensation agency are also tracked.


Oregon's Electronic Information Systems
The Oregon Public Health Division maintains a variety of electronic information systems to ensure timely and coordinated care.


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