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The Acute and Communicable Disease Prevention Section gathers information that is voluntarily provided by veterinarians to track diseases that are transported by animals.

This includes FELV and FIV, parovirus, various worms (heartworm, roundworm) and distemper, as well as zoonotic diseases that are transmitted between animals and humans such as rabies, giardia, cryptococcus, ringworm, leptospirosis and campylobacteriosis.

Disease Reporting

The Oregon Health Authority has consistently collected veterinary zoonotic disease data in Oregon since 2011. With a few years of data we can see upward trends in some diseases.

2015 Veterinary Zoonotic Report by County (pdf)
2015 Veterinary Zoonotic Report by Disease (pdf)​
2015 Veterinary Zoonotic Report by Animal Species (pdf) ​
Veterinary Zoonotic Disease Reporting, Oregon, 2010-2014 (pdf)​

Veterinary Laboratory Reporting Poster 2010

Veterinary Laboratory Zoonotic Disease Reporting


Diseases of Veterinary Importance (2005-2012)


Diseases of Zoonotic Importance (2006-2012)