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Rabies (hydrophobia), La Rabia and animal bites (vaccine-preventable)


Rabies in Oregon 2014(pdf)Rabies is a viral disease affecting the central nervous system. It is transmitted from infected mammals to man and is invariably fatal once symptoms appear. Fortunately, only a few cases are reported each year in the United States. Rabies is almost always contracted by exposure to a rabid animal. The exposure is usually through a bite, but scratches and saliva contact with broken skin are also possible routes.

Disease Reporting

What is required?

Health-care providers AND clinical laboratories are required to report cases and suspect cases of rabies to local health departments within 24 hours of diagnosis.

Go to our disease reporting page for information on how to report and for telephone numbers of local health departments.

For county health departments:

Rabies: Investigative guidelines (9/04) (PDF 63K)
Animal bite: Case report form  (6/03) (PDF 19K)


Rabies (pdf) from the 2013 Communicable Disease Summary 2013-rabies.pdf

Oregon Rabies Tests 2000-2013 (pdf)

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