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Cryptococcus gattii is an environmental fungus closely related to C. neoformans that can infect the pulmonary and central nervous systems of both animals and humans. The infection is caused by breathing in the spores of Cryptococcus fungus. The C. gattii fungus has been isolated from trees, soil, air, and water.

Disease Reporting

What is required?

All cryptococcal infections are reportable. C. gattii is an emerging infection in Oregon and the greater Pacific Northwest region and is being closely monitored by the Oregon Public Health Division's Emerging Infection Program. Please contact the on-call state epidemiologist regarding any suspect cases.

Case report form (CDC) (pdf)

Specimen Testing

Investigative Guidelines (pdf)

Specimen testing is free of charge.

Currently we are asking that all isolates identified as C. neoformans be sent to the Oregon State Public Health Laboratory for further speciation. When sending isolates please fill out the General Microbiology Request Form and check the box for EIP Organism under the "Emerging Infections Program Studies" section. On the blank line next to EIP Organism, please write in Cryptococcus.

All animal specimens and isolates can be identified as C. neoformans at Oregon State University. When sending isolates please fill out the Diagonostic Laboratory Form (pdf) and check the Mycology box.

All isolates will be forwarded to CDC mycology laboratory for Genotyping.


Cyrptococcosis statistics (pdf) from the 2015 Oregon Communicable Disease Summary

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