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Genetics Program CDC Grant 2003 - 2008
CDC National Office of Public Health Genomics
Oregon Genetics Program Cooperative Agreement


In order to integrate genomics into a wider range of disease control and prevention programs, state and community health agencies are recognizing the need to expand existing genetics expertise in maternal and child health and newborn screening to agency-wide capacity. In July 2003, the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion ( NCCDPHP), CDC, addressed this need by establishing cooperative agreements with state health departments in four states, including Oregon, to strengthen programs for genomics and chronic disease prevention. The purpose of this project is to assist states in developing or expanding capacity for genomics leadership and to promote coordination.
State Work Plans
The four states selected to participate in the Genomics and Chronic Disease Prevention Program identified the following common major objectives in their work plans. Each state differs in the activities planned to reach these objectives.

  • Capacity and Infrastructure: Develop state and local leadership capacity and infrastructure for integrating genomics into public health.
  • Training and Technical Assistance: Educate the public health workforce, policy makers and the general public about the role of genomics in public health.
  • Data Collection: Develop and implement population-based assessments using existing surveillance and data systems.
  • Assessment and Use of Genomics Tools: Coordinate the use and evaluation of targeted genomic risk assessment strategies and family history tools.
The Genetics Program at the Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) has initiated a program to strengthen Oregon's public health capacity to address current and emerging genomics issues, ultimately improving the health and well being of individuals and families impacted by heritable conditions, including common chronic diseases. Since funding began in July 2003, project activities conducted by the Genetics Program, in collaboration with the Office of Disease Prevention and Epidemiology, include:
  • acquiring new agency expertise by hiring a genetics epidemiologist and genetics program coordinator
  • developing collaborative relationships and activities with ODHS chronic disease programs
  • hosting several public health workforce education activities, including a full-day symposium on genomics and public health
  • partnering with the University of Washington Center for Genomics and Public Health to develop a model assessment process for integrating genomics
  • facilitating statewide health care provider education events
  • completing a comprehensive literature review of diabetes and genetics
  • incorporating genomics and family history questions into population-based surveillance
  • initiated collaborative project with community partners to evaluate the use of family history in clinical practice
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