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Request a Google Logo for World AIDS Day!
Request Google to develop a logo for World AIDS Day 2012


Google has a team that creates new logos for special occasions.  The company refers to these logos as "doodles".  Decisions to tailor the company's logo are influenced by public input (that's you!).  As Google remains the most visited website in the U.S., these eye-catching doodles can be incredibly far-reaching and impactful.

With World AIDS Day approaching December 1, we encourage you to send an e-mail now and ask others to help, as well!  Email and copy  You can use or adapt the email below.



Email to Google:


Subject:  Doodle Request for World AIDS Day (12/1)

Dear Google:

I'm writing to request that Google create a doodle for World AIDS Day (December 1).  It is estimated that approximately 34 million people are living with HIV worldwide, and more than one million are in the United States.  Given the devastating impact of the epidemic, it is disheartening to know that the American public's sense of urgency about HIV has diminished.  A Kaiser Family Foundation study found that the proportion of people in the U.S. who report having seen, heard, or read about HIV in the past year declined from seven in ten in 2004 to only four in ten in 2011.  With your help, we can change that!

Thank you for your consideration and for your prior contributions to HIV prevention and treatment.


(your name)