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HIV, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Viral Hepatitis
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On World AIDS Day in December 2016, OHA and its public health and community partners launched End HIV Oregon, the state's five-year strategy to end new HIV infections.

It builds on decades of work by community members, and public and private agencies on such programs as prevention education, syringe exchange, and quality care and treatment.

For more information, visit the End HIV Oregon website,

Intersecting Infections
HIV, other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as gonorrhea and chlamydia, and viral hepatitis are often transmitted in the same ways. These diseases are commonly spread by having unprotected sex or injecting drugs with equipment used by someone else.

Learn more about these diseases, services for community members and resources for providers.​

HIV care and treatment
A number of services are available to help people living with HIV access treatment and improve their health and quality of life.
HIV prevention
Preventing new HIV infections involves ensuring access to HIV testing, condoms, Pre-Exposure Prophyaxis (PrEP), and harm reduction materials.
Young adult
Sexually transmitted diseases are Oregon's most frequently reported infections. Testing, treatment, and partner notification support are available across the state.
Three women
It is estimated that half of the people living with hepatitis B and C are unaware of their infections.
looking at data
State and county-level data about HIV, sexually transmitted diseases and viral hepatitis.
Integrated Planning Group
The Oregon HIV/Viral Hepatitis/Sexually Transmitted Infection Integrated Planning Group (IPG) is an advisory group to the HIV/STD/TB Section of the Oregon Health Authority.
HIV-related laws in Oregon are found in HIV Rules & Statutes Guide.