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Region X IPP Goals
Region X IPP states


The Region X Infertility Prevention Project (IPP) goal is to control chlamydia through the collaborative efforts of STD and Family Planning providers and Public Health Laboratories. Representatives in each state from these program areas comprise a Regional Chlamydia Executive Committee, which oversees and approves project activities.

The Executive Committee meets together at least two times a year and conducts teleconference calls on a quarterly basis. There are three standing subcommittees: Clinical Services, Laboratory, and Data. These subcommittees explore issues, keep abreast of new information related to chlamydia, develop guidelines and standards, and provide recommendations to the full Executive Committee. These committees meet face-to-face before each Executive Committee meeting and as needed by teleconference.

Each state has a designated person from the State STD program responsible for overseeing the Chlamydia project in that state. The Project Coordinator from the Center for Health Training administers regional aspects of the project in Region X, and provides coordination and support to the Executive Committee and Project. The Regional Data Analyst, also from CHT, provides for the cleaning and analysis of the data and subsequent presentation of that data to CDC and other interested stakeholders.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides on-going technical assistance, with current information on testing technology, surveillance, advances in treatment and national morbidity trends.

The CDC provides twice yearly meetings for all ten regional Infertility Prevention Project Coordinators to enhance networking, sharing implementation strategies and to efficiently provide technical assistance and communication to project staff. In addition to coordinator meetings, the CDC facilitates a funding workgroup, comprised of representatives from all ten federal regions. This group meets 1-2 times per year to discuss and provide input to CDC staff on regional needs, distribution of funds and other fiscal/administrative details. Another participant at the national level is a representative from the Association of Public Health Labs (APHL) in the position of National Chlamydia Lab Coordinator.