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Annual fee invoices are mailed to all community water system contacts in November of each year. Payment is due by the first working day in January of the following year. A late fee of 50% is added if the payment is received after January 31.

Water system contact information is available on Data Online, where you can search for a water system by name or identification number.

The fee amount is based on the number of connections in the water system. Please complete the appropriate form for your water system and include it with your payment.

System Size
(by Connections)
Late Fee
15 to 99 $30.00 $15.00 PDF
100 to 999 $75.00 $37.50 PDF
1,000 to 9,999 $200.00 $100.00 PDF
10,000 or more $350.00 $175.00 PDF

We currently cannot accept credit card payments. Checks should be made out to OHA Cashier and mailed with the completed form to:
OHA Cashier
PO Box 14260
Portland, ORĀ  97293