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Read about Oregon Drinking Water Services public notice resources and view templates.

Water System Sampling Points

Coliform Monitoring

Turbidity and Surface Water Treatment
  • Surface Water Monitoring and Reporting Forms for CT and Turbidity Data:
    If your system has more than one chlorine injection point, or if you have questions about the PDF or MS Excel versions of the monthly turbidity and surface water monitoring forms, contact the Drinking Water Services technical oversight contact for your system at 971-673-0405.
    • Conventional or Direct Filtration: PDF -or- MS Excel
    • Conventional or Direct Filtration with Verified UV Reactor(s): PDF -or- MS Excel
      • Sensor Calibration Form (not required): MS Excel
    • Slow Sand, Membrane, Diatomaceous Earth Filtration or Unfiltered: PDF -or- MS Excel
    • Cartridge or Bag Filtration: PDF -or- MS Excel
  • Preparing a Tracer Study Plan (pdf)
  • Tracer Study Reporting Form (MS Excel): The template allows a water system to conduct a tracer study to comply with disinfection by determining effective contact time through a storage reservoir.
  • EPA Quick Reference Guides:

  • Disinfection Byproducts (DBPs)

    Groundwater Rule

    Maximum Residual Disinfectant Levels

    Chemical Monitoring
    New sampling requirements have been added for disinfection byproducts and radionuclides that may affect your water system. Please consult the fact sheets below for further information:



    Lead and Copper