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Tips for Property Owners
Protect your Rental Property from drug labs
  • Over half of drug lab properties discovered are on rental properties, and property owners are ultimately responsible for the decontamination costs. Take these steps.
  • In addition to the cleanup costs, the owner also must bear the loss of rent, damaged property, loss of respect of neighbors, etc.

Protect your Hotel/motel from drug labs
  • Drug labs are commonly discovered in hotel/motel rooms, and the owner of the property is ultimately responsible for the cleanup costs. Take these steps.

Protect your Self/Mini storage units from drug labs
  • People involved in illegal drug manufacturing may use storage facilities to store hazardous materials and apparatus. Keep an eye out for these warning signs.
  • In addition to boxed labs, manufacturers have been discovered "cooking" inside storage facilities.

If You Suspect a Drub Lab:

DO NOT ENTER the property. Labs present a risk of exposure to dangerous chemicals and possible explosion. Contact local law enforcement. In an emergency, call 911.

For more information about testing or cleanup of suspected labs, contact the Clandestine Drug Lab Cleanup Program.

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