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Healthy Homes and Neighborhoods
Nieghborhood activities
Where we spend our time affects our health. This includes our time indoors in our homes, schools and workplaces, and outside in our neighborhoods, cities and natural environments.
Everyone can take actions to protect themselves and their families from health hazards in our homes and neighborhoods.
Brownfields are idled, underused, or abandoned properties with contamination concerns. Examples include former gas stations, auto shops, dry cleaners, landfills, mills and mines.
Gardening is a great way to enjoy physical activity, beautify the community, and go green. However, it is important to protect yourself and take precautions as you work and play in the sun and around insects, chemicals, and lawn and garden equipment.
Child looking out window
Resources for parents, families, contractors, local health departments, lead paint professionals, child care and school staff and medical providers.
man spraying pesticide
We track and conduct investigations of health effects reported by people exposed to pesticides, This helps us identify trends in acute pesticide poisonings and emerging pesticide hazards to guide education efforts for prevention and inform policymakers.
Test your home. Protect your health.