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The State of Oregon has a contract with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to inspect mammography facilities for compliance with the federal regulations. There are approximately 100 facilities within the state of Oregon who provide mammography service. State X-ray inspectors are provided with mammography specific training from FDA before they are allowed to conduct inspections of the facilities, and are audited by the FDA annually.

Oregon mammography rules support Federal regulations, but there are a few differences. Oregon's mammography dose limit is set at 250 millirads, where the Federal regulations have a limit of 300 millirads.  Oregon requires Radiologic Technologists (RT) to have a current license from the Oregon Board of Medical Imaging and be certified in mammography by the ARRT; whereas the Federal regulations require only a State license or a ARRT certification .
The mammography inspection covers a review of the following areas:

  • Quality Control documentation 
  • Radiologist qualification records  
  • Technologist qualification records
  • Annual Health Physics reports
  • Medical audit and outcome analysis
  • Medical records
  • Mammography specific policies and procedures